Digital Video Recording Surveillance Camera Systems
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"NEW" Low Cost

Low Cost USB Surveillance DVR Packages ... 1 to 4 Camera Digital Video Recording USB System  Inexpensive USB surveillance software connects 1 to 4 cameras to your computer. View & control security cameras from anywhere in the world plus turn on/off lights.. audio with talk back capability and optional cash register text receipt inserter with individual item search capability.... NEW Exclusive EagleVision DVR Survalence Packages Save you Money!
Click Here:   Model# ERS-USB Surveillance Software    Details & Pricing

Stand Alone DVR

Stand Alone DVR Surveillance Recorder... Connect 4 to 8 cameras to this plug & play surveillance recording system.... No Computer needed = No Need To Worry About Viruses With This Stand Alone System.       
Click Here:   Model# EagleView 404 & 408  
Details & Pricing


Customized  PC Based DVR

     Customized PC Based Surveillance Server Systems Built To Order To Fit Your Application    
        Top of The Line High quality plug & play full featured digital video recording surveillance camera  servers


Click Here:  4 Camera Surveillance System Model#  ERS-EV4     Details & Pricing 
Click Here:  8 Camera Surveillance System Model#  ERS-EV8     Details & Pricing    
Click Here:  16 Camera Surveillance System Model# ERS-EV16  Details & Pricing       

POS Text Inserter DVR

POS Cash Register Video Text Inserter Systems ..  
Click Here for Model# ERS-USB04
 (has 1 POS connection & 4 camera input package installs in your computer)
 Click Here for Model# ERS-LM4...  (has 3 POS inserter connections and 4 camera inputs low cost stand alone DVR)
 Click Here for  Model# ERS-GV...
(a customized 16 POS inserter input DVR system for 16 or more Cameras)
 Click Here for  Model# ERS-POS 
(use with any DVR system price depends on POS make & model)

CatchUm In The Act and Show It To The Judge & Jury....
Laptop DVR 4 Cam Inputs

Covert Laptop DVR Surveillance System ... Up to 4 wireless cameras a mobile covert laptop digital video recording system   
 Click Here:
   Model# ERSC-LAPTOP    Details & Pricing

S625F System
Small Full Featured DVR

NEW! .. MINI DVR Covert Surveillance Server System Small as a Book... A FANLESS Thermal Control Technology With Heat Dissipation Built In... Requires very Little Power To run the System...  hide it most anywhere and view the cameras from anywhere through LAN or Internet connections. Available with 1 to 4 camera inputs with built in motion detection.
S625S   Click Here:   Details

Digital Video Recorder for Vehicle Security with GPS Tracking a True Mobile DVR
Mobile DVR Systems

Three Mobile DVR Systems To Choose... Select a system with 1 to 4 Camera Inputs...  small DVR with mini car camera... with or without GPS Tracking and  Internet Networking 
 Model#  Eagle-Mobile DVR4  Click Here:  More Detail Information



Modem to Modem DVR


Dial Up DVR ... Control 4 Cameras through Standard Phone Line modem to modem connection... Small as a book with 4 camera inputs & 1 phone line. No Computer Needed!
Model#  ERVP   Click Here:   Details & Pricing


ATM DVR Camera

ATM Surveillance DVR Camera System ... View multiple ATM locations at central office from mini cam IP Server inside ATM
Model# ERS-ATM   Click Here:   Details

License Plate Camera

New ....  License Plate Recognition "LPR" Digital Video Recording "DVR"  System
For Gated Community Access... Gas Drive Aways & Parking Lot Security Control.
Model ERS-EVLPR   .... for detailed information click on links below.
Click Here...  Digital Video Recording LPR-DVR Server System
 Click Here:  
 LPR Installation & Picture Description
 Click Here:   License Plate Recognition Cameras 

Wireless Network DVR

Wireless Network DVR .... No recording system needed at your surveillance site to steal or monkey with... Security camera connects directly to the internet. Observe-Record-Recall & Control all camera activity from up to 16 different surveillance locations on one remote monitoring computer. Motion detection is built into each camera unit.   Model#  VS-IP Click Here:  Details & Pricing

For More Information    Call:  904-342-3550


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