EagleVision Daycare Cameras for Child Care Centers
Daycare Cameras Allow Parents to Observe Children at Child Care Center through Internet
Using Assigned Password & Encryted Username Security Access

Catch Crooks Don't Alarm Them, Remote Viewing Helps Protect You. Get it on Video Tape.

The Eaglevision daycare camera systems package with internet viewing installed in child care centers or assisted living centers, bring live daycare surveillance cameras in real time to users with properly assigned passwords issued by the daycare owner.  They can "log on" to daycare cameras & view their children. The EagleVision security camera daycare package is completely secure & password protected to authorized users only!

View up to (16) "Daycare Surveillance Cameras" at Child Care Location... Parents  watch live activity

The EagleVision daycare package includes a stand alone web server system configured to stream password protected real time live video from  the daycare cameras to parents through internet connections. It  allows child care center owners the opportunity to setup their own parent participation plans with no obligation to pay extra monthly fees to EagleVision or anyone else for this service. Owners have complete control over daycare cameras and parents access.

Price depends on equipment for your center ..  such as ..  number & type of cameras needed etc.
Catch Crooks Don't Alarm Them, Remote Viewing Helps Protect You. Get it on Video Tape.
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Daycare Cameras
Step 1:

Cameras and other necessary equipment are first installed at the child care provider's facility. Parents are notified when service will be available and given the opportunity to join. Parents monthly payment for service is determined by daycare center and conveyed to the parents. Parents are issued a password & username by the child care center for access to view specific cameras they subscribed to view.

Internet Access
Step 2:

The video is streamed from the EagleVision Video Web Server at the child care facility for easy access by authorized users with properly assigned username & password. There is no special software to install. After the child care center approves a parent's login information, it is entered into the system. Immediately the authorized user will have access to the online streaming video.

Parents Computer
Step 3:

The parent simply browses to the daycare website address and logs in. The usernames and passwords are encrypted to provide additional security from unauthorized access. The child care center can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection and standard web browser. Parents and providers can view video from home, work, or while traveling. Its that simple.

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